Volleyball Festival

Volleyball Festival

*6/21 Update
AES Playing Schedule– No available yet but will be at this link.
-6/22 Team Flight boarding positions emailed to the teams.
Queen of the Court Player Party– 6:30-8pm on Wed, 6/22  in Halls 1-3 of the Lower Level of the Phoenix Convention Center.  Karen’s Kreamery and a Mexican food cart will have food and drinks for purchase. There will also be activities, giveaways, face painting before the DJ kicks off the dance party. Parents are welcome to attend. The 4-day spectator pass allows entry. Passes can be purchased at the CC on 6/22.
VLA Men’s Pro League Volleyball Matches held on lower level of Convention Center- your Spectator Pass allows entry. Times: Sat, 6/25 & Sun, 6/26 at 9am, 11am, 1pm
Baller TV will live stream all the courts during the tournament. Check it out.

*Updated 6/16

  • Pack your uniform/warm-ups/shoes/ball in your backpack to take on the plane and stow under your seat. Southwest allows one free carry-on or you can check it at Midway.
  • *If you want to deflate your ball to save space, coaches will have a pump to use in AZ.
  • Checked luggage- casual wear for off time, extra pair of comfortable shoes, bathing suit/sun screen (provided coach will allow pool time), medication/inhaler and personal items. Players will be in uniform most of the trip or just need shorts/top and a jacket for restaurants so please pack light. *Convention Center & indoor restaurants are typically cold.
  • Please let us know asap if your daughter has any allergies or special medications that we should be aware of. We carry small first aid kits with common items like Advil/Tylenol, Antacids, etc and will dispense as needed unless you tell us differently.
  • Spending money- players will need money for 3 meals a day, Gatorade/water and tournament shirts, etc if they choose. Convention Center has a food court but as always Gatorade/water are expensive there so please plan ahead on those items if you can.

  • Wed, 6/22- all players should wear their blue practice shirt and hoodie to the airport.
  • Team will meet outside by the Southwest door at Midway by 8:15am to check-in & proceed to the gate as a group. *We will check-in the group flight on 6/21 and get boarding positions for everyone.
  • Team flight roster
  • Wed, 6/22 Team Flight SW#1160 leaves Midway 10:15am, arrives Phoenix 11:45am.
  • *Players do not need ID for the airport. It’s only required of 18 & older adults.
  • Team will take Light Rail to Van Buren-Central Ave Station. The Westin (16HP/17HP) is across the street and the Sheraton (15HP/16E) is a block and half down.
  • Players will be responsible for carrying their backpack and suitcase so pack light.
  • Parents- we may also need your help with meals at the Convention Center or placing orders for teams at the end of the day to save time. It’s very much appreciated.


  • We will take charge of the teams once they arrive at Midway regardless of whether players are staying in their parent’s room at night. Players are expected to adhere to all team schedules, meeting times and activities.
  • We’re typically the only club from IL so please make sure you represent IPV and IL well and show respect for others in the hotel and all other areas.
  • Your coach will set guidelines, meeting times, lights out and rules for your team. Four days of competition is a LOT of volleyball and getting enough sleep, hydration and healthy food is a must to be successful.
  • Players are not allowed at any time to go off on their own whether it be in the hotel, outside or the Convention Center. Please use the buddy system and make sure that your coach knows where you are at all times.


  • Patti will check-in the team rooms when we arrive in AZ. Parents will go through the normal check-in process when they arrive. *The tourney typically sends the reservations over to the hotels the week of the tourney so if you have questions now we have to go through the tourney.
  • Westin Phoenix Downtown (16HP/17HP)- 333 N Central Ave. (Left of #3 on the map)
  • Sheraton Phoenix Downtown (15HP/16E)- 340 N Third St. (#3 on the map)
  • Light Rail station to the left of Westin on the map.
  • Convention Center is B on the map.



  • Sold on site: $15 daily or $50 4-day pass (bracelet).
    *Players/coaches free entry.
  • Mens Pro Volleyball League of America (VLA)
    Included with Festival daily or Event Pass purchase.
    9am, 11am, 1pm matches June 25-26, PCC Lower Halls.


  • Playing Waves: 17HP- 8am start; 15HP/16HP/16E- 3pm start on 6/23.
  • Modified Festival Format. All teams play all 4 days of the event.
  • All teams play between 9 and 14 matches.
  • All teams play at least 2 matches on Day 4.
  • First 3 rounds are pool play, Days 4 is either pool play or bracket play depending how team has performed.
  • All matches best of 3 sets (2 sets to 25, deciding set to 15)
  • No Tie-Break matches or sets will be played.
  • View 2022 Tie-Break Procedures.
  • Teams have normal officiating assignments.
    • 2nd Referee must be a Qualified Adult Coach or Assistant Coach.
    • Players call 2 lines and keep score (flip score, BallerTV iPad, scoresheet and libero tracking).
  • All matches are at the Phoenix Convention Center Upper Halls a-E- 100 N 3rd St, Phoenix, AZ 85004.  “B” on Phoenix map.
  • Schedules & Results posted on AES. *6/23 schedule will be posted by 9pm on 6/21.
  • Baller TV will tape all the competition if you’re at home and want to see the action.


 Final Day

  • Players will pack up on 6/25 and just keep what they need in their backpack. Parents may choose to pick-up their suitcases to keep with them. If not, players/coaches will take all their belongings to the Convention Center when they leave for their first match on Sunday.
  • Players traveling alone will stay with the coaches until our teams are done then we’ll head to the airport on the Light Rail as a group. Families traveling on our team flight going home are welcome to join us. If we have enough time we usually stop for a meal before leaving for the airport.
  • Players with families in attendance can go with their parents once their team is done for the day.


  • Sun, 6/26 Southwest #771 leaves Phoenix 7:25pm, arrives Midway 12:45am.
  • *We’ll check-in the group flight and get boarding positions for everyone.
  • *Please let us know if your daughter is our return flight but booked on her own. You will need to check her in but she can come with us.
  • If you’re picking up a player at Midway, we will meet at luggage or outside in the pick-up area if you set that up in advance with us.
  • Please be prompt for pick-up.