Volleyball Festival

Volleyball Festival


DATES: 6/21 (Travel); competition 6/22-25

6/20 Update:
1) Check your email today for boarding positions for team flight and final info.
2) 6/22 Playing Schedule now posted or on AES.

6/18 Update:
Water stations will be located throughout playing areas.

Ice will be provided for injury. Limited ice available for postmatch.
Taping services provided for tournament injuries.
Tape available for purchase $2.00 Ankle Taping & $1.00 Finger/Thumb taping
**Roving trainers throughout playing facility Daily.
2) Courts 1-44 will be located on the lower level and 45-79 will be located on the upper level at the Convention Center (CC). See Court Map: VF 2023 Combined Court Map v2 (1)

6/8 Update:
1) Advance purchase of 4 day Event Pass is available online by 6/13 to save $5.
Session 2 (U14-U18s): Save $5 by June 13; Online sales close June 16
Enter: 812542   Illinois Performance 14HP to purchase
*4 day Event Passes can also be purchased at the Convention Center for $55 or $15 for a one day pass.
*Check your email for further details about passes.
2) Player Party on 6/21 from 6:30-8pm. The theme is “Festival & Beyond” *see poster at top of page.
Teams like to come up with simple costumes or accessories for the party.


  • Pack your full uniform/warm-ups/shoes/ball in your backpack to take on the plane and stow under your seat. Southwest allows one free carry-on bag or you can check up to 2 bags per person at Midway.
  • *If you want to deflate your ball to save space, coaches will have a pump to use in AZ.
  • Checked luggage- casual wear for off time, extra pair of comfortable shoes, bathing suit/sunscreen, medication/inhaler and personal items. Players will be in uniform most of the trip or just need shorts/top and a jacket for restaurants so please pack light. *Convention Center & indoor restaurants are typically cold. Temperatures are often 110-115 there this time of year so we won’t spend much time outside.
  • Please let us know asap if your daughter has any allergies or special medications that we should be aware of. Coaches carry small first aid kits with common items like Advil/Tylenol, Antacids, etc. 
  • Spending money- players will need money for meals each day, Gatorade/water and tournament merchandise. Convention Center has a food court but as always Gatorade/water are very expensive there so please plan ahead on those items if you can.

  • Wed, 6/21 Team Flight SW#3219 leaves Midway 10:35am, arrives Phoenix 12:10pm.
    Team Flight Roster
  • Wed, 6/21- all players should wear their blue practice shirt and pullover to the airport.
  • Team will meet outside by the Southwest door at Midway by 8:30am to check-in & proceed to the gate as a group. *We will check-in the Team flight on 6/20 but you’ll still have to use the kiosk at the airport to get your boarding pass for the group flight. 
  • Wed, 6/21 Team Flight SW#3219 leaves Midway 10:35am, arrives Phoenix 12:10pm.
  • *Players do not need ID for the airport. It’s only required of 18 & older adults.
  • Team will take Light Rail to Washington & Third St station by the Convention Center. You can also get off at the Van Buren-Central Ave Station. The Sheraton is about two blocks from the station.
  • Players will be responsible for carrying their backpack and suitcase so pack light.


  • Valley Metro Light Rail:*FYI- We take the Light Rail from the Airport to downtown Phoenix and coaches return to the Airport the same way on the 25th. Cost is $2 for adults, $1 for kids/seniors each way or you can get a day pass. Tickets are sold at a kiosk at the station- cash or charge. Trains run 20 hours a day: Weekdays- every 10 minutes; Saturdays- every 15 minutes; Sundays- every 20 minutes.
  • Directions to Phoenix Convention Center from the Airport: Take the free PHX Sky Train from Level 3 of Terminal 4 (Southwest Airlines) to the 44th Street PHX Sky Train Station. From there, take the elevator or escalator down to the platform of the 44th St/Washington Valley Metro Rail stop. If you are traveling from Terminals 2 (United Airlines) or 3 (American, Delta, Frontier Airlines), take the free black and silver PHX Airport Shuttle to Terminal 4 and then proceed to Level 3 to connect with the PHX Sky Train.
  • Hotel exit options: 1) Exit at the Westbound Light Rail at the Washington & Third stop. Walk east to Third St, then north past the Convention Center to the Sheraton Hotel- about 3 blocks total.
    2) Exit at Van Buren & Central stop (currently under construction) by the Westin. Take Van Buren east to Third St to the Sheraton.

    *Convention Center is #1 on map.
    *Sheraton is #2 on map.​


  • Players will stay with their parents at the Sheraton Phoenix Downtownfor the team. The hotel is walkable from the Light Rail from the airport and about 3 blocks from the Convention Center; a rental car is not needed unless you prefer it.
  • Hotel info: Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Sheraton Phoenix Downtown 340 North 3rd Street Phoenix AZ 85004. Check-in is 4pm; check-out is 11am.
  • Families will need to check-in their own rooms. You should be able to do it with your name.


  • We will take charge of the teams once they arrive at Midway and players are expected to stay as group and adhere to all team schedules, meeting times and activities.
  • We’re typically the only club from IL so please make sure you represent IPV and IL well and show respect for others in the hotel and all other areas.
  • Your coach will set guidelines, meeting times, lights out and rules for your team. Four days of competition is a LOT of volleyball and getting enough sleep, hydration and healthy food is a must to be successful.
  • Players are not allowed at any time to go off on their own whether it be in the hotel, outside or the Convention Center. Please use the buddy system and make sure that your coach knows where you are at all times. Looks like June 22nd may be a free afternoon/evening to spend with your family.


  • June 21
    • Landing in Phoenix – suggest eating at airport before heading to hotel on light rail. 
    • Head to convention center – light practice and go to souvenir counters to buy tournament gear if open(less crowded than doing during match days)
    • Walk to hotel, check-in
    • Suggest ordering food out and eating dinner as a team in hotel around 5-6pm
    • Player party starts at 7pm. Stay until 9pm latest.
  • June 22
    • Play in am – plan to leave around 6:30am. 
    • Breakfast on your own
    • Finish around 2pm
    • Let the girls go to pool for the afternoon
    • Team dinner in the evening – order out at pool or head to restaurant.
  • June 23
    • Play in am – plan to leave around 6:30am. 
    • Breakfast on your own
    • Finish around 2pm
    • Free afternoon and evening to spend with parents?
    • Optional team dinner
  • June 24
    • Play in am – plan to leave around 6:30am. 
    • Breakfast on your own
    • Finish around 2pm
    • Pool, IMAX, Arizona Science Center
    • Team dinner at a restaurant
  • June 25
    • Checkout in am
    • Play in am – plan to leave around 6:30am. 
    • Breakfast on your own
    • Finish around 2pm
    • Turn players over to their family.


  • The Sheraton features the Cacara restaurant and Breeze Bar and Grill for in hotel dining.
  • The Arizona Center (to right of Sheraton)
  • City Scape (just west of Convention Center)
  • Phoenix map with restaurants.


  • Purchase at the Convention Center on the 21st or during competition.
  • Players/Coaches will receive their passes at check-in.


  • Playing Waves: am start 
  • Modified Festival Format. All teams play all 4 days of the event.
  • All teams play between 9 and 14 matches guaranteed at least 2 matches final day.
  • First 3 rounds are pool play, Days 4 is either pool play or bracket play depending how team has performed.
  • All matches best of 3 sets (2 sets to 25, deciding set to 15)
  • No Tie-Break matches or sets will be played.  Tie-Break Procedures. 
  • Teams have normal officiating assignments. 2nd Referee must be a Qualified Adult Coach or Assistant Coach.
    Players call 2 lines and keep score (flip score, BallerTV iPad, scoresheet and libero tracking).
  • All matches are at the Phoenix Convention Center Upper Halls a-E- 100 N 3rd St, Phoenix, AZ 85004.  
  • Schedules/Results posted on AES. June 22 schedule should be posted by 9pm on June 20.
  • Baller TV will tape all the competition if you’re at home and want to see the action.

Final Day

  • Players need to be packed up on 6/24 and just keep what they need in their backpack for the final day. Unless parents make other arrangements, baggage will go to the Convention Center with the player the final day.
  • Players will go with their parents once play in complete on the final day.
  • Coaches will head to the airport on the Light Rail once play is complete. Families traveling on our team flight going home are welcome to join us. If we have enough time we usually stop for a meal before leaving for the airport.


  • This is the responsibility of the families.
  • The coaches will return on the following flight- 6/25- Southwest #3149 leaves PHX 7:50pm, arrives Midway 1:10am.
  • If you plan to return on 6/25 with your daughter, DO NOT book a flight before 6:30pm or 7pm. Competition on the final day is guaranteed and though they say that the last match is scheduled for 3pm, matches tend to run late and you’ll need time to get to the airport and check-in.