IPV 14HP Tournament Schedule

14HP February 29th-March 30th WCPL Schedule

Saturday: Players should plan to arrive at Velocity by 7am for a 8am start on court 8, Pool 4. Players will meet by the court. Bleacher seating and concessions available. Players should bring their ball for warm-ups. All players are expected to stay until the team ref duty is complete. Players are not allowed to leave the gym during their time off.

Saturday Playing Schedule:
8am- Off
9am- Play Epic United 14 Black ROX
10am- Play DIVC 14 White
11am- Off
12pm- Play Lions Woodridge 14-1
1pm- Ref

Velocity All Sports- 9120 W 191st St, Mokena IL 60448  Map & Directions

Sunday: Players should plan to arrive at Epic/Southland by 1:30pm for a 2:30pm start on court 1, Pool 1.

Sunday Playing Schedule:
2:30pm- Play Triple Ace 14 Black
3:30pm- Off
4:30pm- Ref
5:30pm- Play Sky High-Adidas 14-2 NS
6:30pm- Play Krush VBC 14 National

Epic/Southland Center- 10 Southland Drive, Lynwood, IL 60411   Map & Directions
*Use WCPL Directions

14HP March 22nd WCPL Schedule

Players should plan to arrive at Sky High by 7:15am for a 8am start on court 6, Pool 2.

Playing Schedule:
8am- Ref
9am- Play Uno 14 National
10am- Off
11am- Play Epic United 14 Premier RX
12pm- Ref
1pm- Play Stateline 14 National

Sky High Athletic Center (SHAC)- 215 Exchange Dr E, Crystal Lake IL 60014   Map & Directions

14HP April 18-19 WCPL Schedule

Saturday: Players should plan to arrive at Adversity by 12pm for a 1pm start on court 3, Pool  3.

Saturday Playing Schedule:
1pm- Play Lions West 14 Gold
2pm- Play Sky High-Adidas 14 White
3pm- Off
4pm- Play Club 1 14 Skronkstrong
5pm- Ref

Adversity Volleyball Center- 700 Corporate Woods Parkway, Vernon Hills, IL 60061
Map & Directions

Sunday: Players should plan to arrive at Energy by 7am for an 8am start on court 4, Pool  4.

Sunday Playing Schedule:
8am- Play Lions 14 Teal
9am- Ref
10am- Play Team One 14 Pearl
11am- Ref
12pm- Off
1pm- Play Chicago Elite 14 National

Energy Volleyball Complex- 6352 Howard St, Niles IL 60714   Map & Directions