Score/Ref Training

Clubs may ask their coaches and players to do the individual online training through the USAV Academy in your account.

  • Junior R1 Training
  • Junior R2 Training
  • Junior Line Judge Training
  • Junior Scorer Training
  • Junior Asst. Scorer/Libero Tracker Training

How do you access these modules in your USAV Academy (for members)? Click here.

Once in the USAV Academy, an individual from the Great Lakes Region can click “Content Library” and the five modules will appear at the top of the library. Once clicking on the module, the individual will be automatically enrolled and can begin the training.

Please Note: a member must be logged in to the account used to purchase membership. Then from the “household” click on the profile card of the person needing to complete the training. Then under the membership, click “view details”, and then the USAV Academy.

* Individuals will not receive certification in Sports Engine unless logged in to their own account when completing the courses.

Scoresheets, Line-up Libero Sheets…- *click on Important Materials

Indoor Scorers