IPV Club Notes
  • Join Us ! All Skills Summer Camp info/registration. Starts Tues, July 9th at Edwards.
  • Prep Lessons info for July-October. Options for Serving/Setting/Defense/Offense.
    Sign-up for the date and type of lesson that best fits your needs.
    Check it out! Don’t let summer go by without improving your game.
  • Open Gym: Thurs, July 11, 18, 25 & August 1 at The ARC 7:30-9:30pm.
    Bring a friend, all athletes welcome.

IPV Highlight Reel

  • CONGRATULATIONS  17HP & 18HP finished 5th in Gold, 16 White finished 2nd in Silver,
    16HP finished 2nd in Bronze at the Asics Championship 6/14-18.
  • CONGRATULATIONS to 17HP & 14HP for winning the Penny Wars at our 6/2 IPV Invite.
  • CONGRATULATIONS 5/18- 13HP took 1st & 14 White took 2nd at Dunes May Classic to stay in Gold Division. 17HP took 2nd at Rox Crossroads Finale to stay in Gold Division.
  • CONGRATULATIONS 16HP for 1st Place finish at Asics 5/5 & 16 White 3rd Place finish.
  • 12’s IPV Invite. Thanks for a great season!
  • CONGRATULATIONS Northern Lights Qualifier finishes: 18HP 3rd in Elite;
    17HP 1st in Bronze; 16HP 2nd in Flight
  • CONGRATULATIONS 12 Storm & 14 White for 1st Place finishes at Top Flight 4/27
  • CONGRATULATIONS 18HP for Winning Silver at Sky High Pre Nationals
  • CONGRATULATIONS 13HP finished 14/1 in WCPL; 11/0 in league play.
  • CONGRATULATIONS 12 Blaze & 14 White 2nd Place finishes at Top Flight on 4/13.
  • CONGRATULATIONS 12 Storm/16 White 2nd Place finishes & 13 White 3rd Place finish at Asics on 4/14.
  • CONGRATULATIONS  17 White finishing their season 3rd in CVL league play and 6th in Playoffs.
  • CONGRATULATIONS to 18HP went 13/2 in WCPL, took 1st place

  • CONGRATULATIONS to 16HP went 3/0 on 3/16 at Dunes March Madness
  • CONGRATULATIONS to 16 HP who went 5/1 at WCPL on 3/9-10
  • CONGRATULATIONS to 13HP went 3/0 at WCPL on 3/10.
  • CONGRATULATIONS to 13HP & 18HP went 6/0 at WCPL on 2/23-24; 14Hp went 3/0 on 2/24.
  • CONGRATULATIONS to 13HP Gold finish-7th out of 24 teams at  WI JR Presidents Day.
  • CONGRATULATIONS to 14HP for 1st in Silver at WI Jr Presidents Day. Went 5/1 for weekend.
  • CONGRATULATIONS to 16HP in final WCPL seeding going 2-0

  • CONGRATULATIONS to 14HP in final WCPL seeding took 1st in Pool & won playoff round
  • CONGRATULATIONS to 16 Black Ice for 1st Place finish at Top Flight 2/2
  • CONGRATULATIONS to 18HP 2/0 in final WCPL seeding & 17HP won crossover to stay in Red Division
  • CONGRATULATIONS to 16HP for a 4/2 record in Power League seeding 1/26-27
    & 15HP for a 2nd place finish each day.
  • CONGRATULATIONS to 14 White for 2nd place finish in Chicago VB League  seeding on 1/26.
  • CONGRATULATIONS to 12 Storm for 3rd Place finish at Asics on 1/20
  • CONGRATULATIONS to 12 Blaze for 3rd Place finish at Asics on 1/19
  • CONGRATULATIONS to 12S & 16BI for 2nd Place finishes in Asics on 1/13

  • CONGRATULATIONS to 16 White for going 6/0 in 1/12-13 CVL seeding dates.
  • CONGRATULATIONS to 17HP & 18HP for going 6/0 in WCPL seeding date on 1/12-13
  • CONGRATULATIONS to 12S for 3rd Place finish at Asics on 1/6
  • CONGRATULATIONS to Katie Krueger (18HP) from Waubonsie Valley HS for 2018 Naperville Sun Girls Volleyball All-Area Team Honorable Mention
  • CONGRATULATIONS to 12S for going 5/1 at Top Flight on 12/16
  • CONGRATULATIONS to 16HP for going 3/0 at Top Flight on 12/16

  • CONGRATULATIONS to 17HP & 18HP for going 6/0 at Top Flight on 12/8 & 9
  • Thanks to all who attended our IPV Invites!

  • IPV 15&UP Invite- Vballin for Brian

    We are so proud that our IPV Family came together and raised more then $3000 for Coach Brian. We dedicated our in house invite (Vballin for Brian) to Coach Brian who has been diagnosed with chronic kidney failure and is unable to work full time due to dialysis. Together we raised the money to help with his medical bills! Thank you to all who donated! Brian, we are lucky to have you as a coach and Proud to call you family.
  • Congratulations to our very own Emily Sarles for committing to Wisconsin Lutheran College. 🏐🤩 @emilyysarless hard work and dedication really paid off.
    Thank you Emily for your kind words.
    “Thank you for all IPV has done for me in the past couple years. Switching over was probably the best decision and it made me a better player.”-Emily
    #proudcoaches #ipvfamily #wlc