Coach USAV Membership Instructions

NEW 23-24 Great Lakes Adult Coach of Juniors
Should be selected by all adult coaches of juniors, even if they are participating in other roles. Allows for participation in all USAV/RVA sanctioned events. The participant must successfully pass a background screen, be SafeSport trained and complete IMPACT prior to participation.
Expiration Date: 8/31/2024
Click Here to Register
*Make sure that you use Illinois Performance Volleyball (IPV will not be listed among the club names) when asked for club assignment.
*Once you complete your membership and pay $65 you will be required to complete a background check (additional $14?) and the Safe Sport module.
*You should receive an email from Sports Engine requesting these requirements be completed with links to them.
*All memberships/background checks/Safe Sport modules must be completed by 10/1/23.
***SAFE SPORT module is conducting an update on Wed, Oct 25th. Be aware that anyone in the middle of their training on that date may lose their progress and have to start over on the 26th.
*We’ll reimburse you for the Membership/Background check cost. Turn it in using the Coach Hours link under CONTACT US in the menu on the website.