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IPV Contact/Participation Form
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Parents are responsible for all fees owed to IPV by the member including club dues, uniform costs, travel costs and other expenses incurred. Travel tournaments & end of season tournaments may require an additional fee. All fees must be paid in full, regardless of duration of member’s participation. No deduction or allowance will be made for absence or withdrawal from IPV. In the event of default, if this obligation is referred to an attorney, the member agrees to pay over and above their liabilities, reasonable IPV attorney fees, court costs, and the cost of collection.
Club dues are payable by cash, check or charge. Dues payment by personal checks must be made in one full payment or post dated installment checks due at the parent meeting. There is a $35 charge for returned checks due to insufficient funds. Payments made by charge will incur a service fee, installments can be set up for recurring payments or payment can be paid in full at the Uniform Fitting.
Parents and members are responsible for providing transportation to and from practices, tournaments and any out of state competition. We ask that parents and members commit to arriving on time and be ready to participate per their coach’s instructions. Players are expected to show respect for the coaches, fellow teammates, employees and the facility that they play/practice in. Bags and belongings should be neatly lined up in designated area at practice and tournament facilities and players are expected to clean up after themselves and represent IPV with pride. Players are not allowed to leave facility during tournaments. Players are responsible for bringing their volleyball to each practice & tournament. Parents are not allowed to enter the court at any time. Parental concerns should be addressed at a later time and away from players. See coach for guidelines on missed practices and resulting playing time.
Parents and members understand the time commitment involved in this age group and are aware that once a player has played in competition with IPV, they will be unable to transfer to another club according to Great Lakes Region rules for the current season. Members of IPV will be given equal opportunity to participate at practice, however, on court time at tournaments is not guaranteed equal and will be determined by the IPV coaching staff.
By use of the facilities provided by IPV, the member expressly agrees that IPV shall not be liable for any damages arising from personal injuries sustained by the member or her guests in, on or about the premises of the practice/tournament facilities and further agrees that IPV shall not be liable for any loss or theft of personal property. Members assume full responsibility for any injuries damages, or losses that may occur to the member or her guests. Member further warrants that they are in good physical condition and have no disability, impairment or ailment that prevents her from engaging in active physical exercise that would be detrimental to her health, safety or comfort.
Member gives permission for IPV to use individual, group or team photos/videos on the IPV website and club social media. Member gives permission for IPV to distribute player/parent contact information (name/#/email) in team roster to coach/team. Release of player is at the discretion of IPV for slander or behavior/actions related to the club through the use of social media (ie. Facebook).