IPV Tryout FAQ

How can I prepare for tryouts…

-We offer Summer Camps & Lessons to help athletes prepare for tryouts and get to know our coaches.

What do I need for tryouts…
Register Online– Pre-Register for your tryoutt,his will speed up the check-in process on the day of the tryout.
IPV Tryout Waiver– Walk-ins that do not pre-register must turn in a signed waiver in order to tryout. Extra forms available at tryout.
-Tryout fee- payable by cash, charge or check made out to IPV.
-Plan to arrive 30 minutes prior to start of tryout to allow for registration & warm-up.
-Determine the season option you prefer to tryout for- full season, winter season, spring season- see more info below.
-Player Positions- please be ready to choose your position & a backup position if known at registration desk.
-Players should dress comfortably in t-shirt, shorts or spandex and knee pads if available. Recommend a water bottle for breaks.

Tryout Day Parent Information…
-Parents are invited to ask questions about season fees, dates, tournaments, etc at the check-in desk once the tryout has started.

What if I want to play up an age division– eg. 8th grader playing in 15 & Under….
-Players should first tryout in proper age group, then may choose to also tryout in upper age group so we can determine the best fit for them. Note your intentions on Tryout Waiver form at first tryout.
Tryout fee is waived at 2nd tryout date.

Are Age Waivers available for players that don’t meet the cut off date for an age group?

-Yes, it is possible to get an age waiver to play with your school mates or under other special circumstances. Waivers must be approved by the Great Lakes Region office and some restrictions apply.
-The completed Age Waiver form should be turned in with your registration paperwork.
Players that do not meet the recommended Age Requirements (USAV Age Definition)
for an age division may request an Age Waiver for the current season by completing the
GL Age Waiver Request Form and turning it in check-in on the day of Tryouts.
Players requesting an age waiver should attend the tryout for the age that they would like to be waivered to. EG: A 14 year old requesting a waiver to play in the 13U division with her school mates should
attend the 13U tryout date.
Age Waiver requests must be turned to the region office by IPV personnel for their approval.
If the age waiver is granted the parent/guardian would have to agree to the following provisions:

1. The age wavered player would only be allowed to participate in Great Lakes Region Events
or other Region’s events accepting age wavered players.
2. The player would not be allowed to play out of Region unless the club director
receives prior written approval from that region.
3. The player being age wavered would not be allowed to participate in USAV
Bid Tournaments, USAV Qualifiers and USAV National Tournaments.
How would the above provisions effect an IPV player?
-12U Full/Winter/Spring team players would be able to compete in all scheduled tournaments.
-13U-18U players would not be able to attend any National Qualifiers with their team.
-13U-18U players would not be able to attend the AAU National Championship in June if scheduled.
-Volleyball Festival in Phoenix does accept player age waivers if your team is scheduled to attend.
-Waivered players are eligible to play at National events with their age group as defined by the Age Definition chart above.  Eg: a 14U waivered to play in the 13U division could play on a 14U team at the National event.
-*Asics Jr National Championship at Navy Pier in June accepts GLR waivered players 

Contact Us with questions.

How will I know if I made the the club….

-Tryout results are posted online on www.ipvbc.com using player tryout# & initials. *We will post Tryout Results as soon after the tryout as possible. We will advise athletes and their parents of a timeline at the tryout. Club paperwork/first payment for accepted athletes will confirm your spot with IPV. Parent/Player meeting & Uniform Fitting will be scheduled prior to the start of the season.

What if I can’t attend the tryout…
Contact us for alternate options.

Who can I contact with questions about an age group…
Contact Us with questions and we’ll direct it to the appropriate director.

What is the difference between the Winter or Spring Season teams and the Full Season teams…
-Winter and Spring season teams are designed for multiple sport athletes or athletes that prefer not to commit to a longer season, athletes that do not wish to travel or athletes that are new to club volleyball.
-Athletes may choose to play both the Winter and Spring season or just one season.
-Winter & Spring season teams receive a smaller uniform package since they only attend one day events.
-Tryouts for the Winter & Spring season are both in October so we can secure the court time and coaches for the group. We may run a second Spring tryout prior to the start of the Spring season to fill open positions.
-Tournaments: Winter and Spring  season teams attend local one day tournaments that typically start at 8am with afternoon playoffs. Full season teams attend 8 Power League dates with an 8am or approx. 2pm start time (no playoffs), local one day tournaments and typically two to three 2or 3 day tournaments.
-Winter/Spring teams practice with full season teams and may be scheduled to attend some weekend position practices.
-See  Program information for your age group.

What if I am unsure which season to tryout for. Would like Full season but would be willing to play Winter or Spring…
-We suggest attending the full season tryout and have the registration desk put a note on your form that you would also be willing to play Winter or Spring.

Why Choose IPV…
Season options to meet your needs- Full Season, Winter Season, Spring Season teams.
Team levels to match players skill & time committment– Volleylites (instructional program), Club level (local competition + 1 possible travel tournament), HP level (additional National events).
Strength Training for all 13-18’s club & HP teams.
Dedicated coaching staff– all IMPACT trained or higher and with previous coaching and playing experience + directors are very approachable.
Head coaches for all teams and assistant coaches within each age group.
Parents stay informed with IPV website, Facebook
Season schedules available in October to help you coordinate your calendars & carpools.
Volleyball is more than just a game– take pride in your accomplishments, learn from your mistakes and make friends & lasting memories.
Be a part of it all at IPV!