IPV 12U Tryout Results

Thank you for attending tryouts with us on September 30th!

We are pleased to invite the following athletes listed below by Initials/Tryout #to join our program for the 2018-2019 Season.
Click here for 9-10am Tryout Results
Click here for 4:30-6pm Tryout Results
Please Contact Us  asap if you do not plan to accept a position with us so we may open it up to another athlete.

Parent/Athlete Meeting
Mon, Oct 1st
Time: 6:30pm
Location: Edward Health & Fitness- 6600 S Rt 53, Woodridge. Turn left after enter facility, follow hallway past the court area to MP2 room on back wall.
Agenda: Uniform fitting, turn in season paperwork, overview of the season, Q & A.
*Athletes should wear a tank top and spandex or leggings to save time during the uniform fitting.
*Contact Us if you are unable to attend the 10/1 meeting and need to attend alternate time.
Alternate Meeting for Uniform Fitting & Paperwork
Date: Wed, Oct 3rd
Time: 7:30pm
Location: Edward Health & Fitness

Required Season Paperwork
USAV Membership
Player Medical Release Form
Player Uniform Order Form *Choose Correct Age Group/Season
Contact/Participation Form (use Click Here button)-

Click here for Form

IPV Participation Agreement
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Club Payment Form *optional (use Click Here button)-

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Special Circumstance Paperwork
Age Waiver Request– Eg. 6th grader with 12th birthday after 9/1/2006 may request a waiver from the region to play with her school grade.
GLR Facility Food Exemption Request– Athletes with food allergy or medical condition that requires bringing own food to tournaments.

Full Season
9-10am Tryout
Winter Season
9-10am Tryout
Winter Season
4-6:30pm Tryout