IPV 17 White Tournament Schedule

January 12 and 13 CVL 

Players should arrive at  Sky High  by 7:45 am for a 9 am start on Ct 6. Team will meet by the court.
Players can store their belongings on the shelves provided by the courts.
Make sure that you bring your ball for warm-ups. Ball should have your name & IPV clearly marked on it, then decorated in permanent marker so they are easy to find.
The facility has a concession stand and bleacher seating for parents.
Players are allowed to bring in water/gatorade. Outside food is not allowed in the building.
Players are not allowed to leave the building during their time off.
Ref duties include line judges, down ref, scorebook & flipping score.


Playing Schedule:
9am-Top Flight 18 Gamma
10am-Ignite 17/18 Mon/SAR
12pm-D1 Regional G 17 Green

Sky High North Shore
1450 Harris Road
Libertyville IL 60048
Map & Directions

Future Matches (1/13)

Rank Next Match Next Work Assignment
1st- 1/13 9:00 am Sky High (Lib) Ct 3 1/13 8:00 am Sky High (Lib) Ct 3
2nd- 1/13 8:00 am Sky High (Lib) Ct 4 1/13 11:00 am Sky High (Lib) Ct 4
3rd- 1/13 9:30 am Sky High (Lib) Ct 5 1/13 8:30 am Sky High (Lib) Ct 5
4th- 1/13 9:00 am Sky High (Lib) Ct 6 1/13 10:00 am Sky High (Lib) Ct 6