IPV 15HP Tournament Schedule

January 26th WCPL Schedule

Players should arrive at Sky High (CL)  by 1:30pm for a 2:30pm start on ct. 3 . Team will meet by the court.
Players can store their belongings on the shelves provided by the courts.
Make sure that you bring your ball for warm-ups. Ball should have your name & IPV clearly marked on it, then decorated in permanent marker so they are easy to find.
The facility has a concession stand and bleacher seating for parents.
Players are allowed to bring in water/gatorade. Outside food is not allowed in the building.
Players are not allowed to leave the building during their time off.
Ref duties include line judges, down ref, scorebook & flipping score.

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Playing Schedule:

3:30pm: Stateline 15 Black
4:30pm: Off
5:30pm: Skyline 15 Comp Black
6:30pm Ref
7:30pm Illinois Jrs 15-1s

Future Matches
*Based on how you finish your current schedule
Rank Next Match Next Work Assignment
1 – 1st-15C R1-G1-P24- 1/27 9:00 am Sky High (CL) 1 15C R2-F1-P1- 1/27 8:00 am Sky High (CL) 1
2 – 2nd-15C R1-G1-P24- 1/27 8:00 am Sky High (CL) 2 15C R2-F1-P2- 1/27 10:00 am Sky High (CL) 2
3 – 3rd-15C R1-G1-P24- 1/27 8:00 am Uno Ct 3 15C R2-F2-P1- 1/27 10:00 am Uno Ct 3
4 – 4th-15C R1-G1-P24- 1/27 3:30 pm Uno Ct 1 15C R2-F2-P2- 1/27 2:30 pm Uno Ct 1



Sky High Athletic Center
215 Exchange Dr E
Crystal Lake IL 60014
Map & Directions