IPV 14 Storm Tournament Schedule

14 Storm April 13th Top Flight Schedule

Players should arrive at Top Flight by 7am for an 8am start on court #6.
Players will meet at their court and store bags in shelves provided.
Players must bring balls for warm-ups.
Make sure your ball has your name + IPV and some sort of decoration so it’s easy to identify.
Concessions and bleacher seating are provided. Out side food is not allowed in facility.
Players can bring water/gatorade.
Players are not allowed to leave the facility during off matches.
Ref duties include: down ref, line judges, scorebook, score flip, libero tracking.

Playing Schedule:
8am- Ref
9am- Play Top Flight 13 Theta
10am- Off
11am- Play Rockford 14 Purple
12pm- Ref
1pm- Play Team One 14 Diamond
No playoffs scheduled

Top Flight- 2739 Alft Ln, Elgin, IL 60124  Map & Directions