Wisconsin Jr President’s Day

Dates: February 15-16

Teams Attending: 14HP/14 Adidas

Hotel Options:
Tournament is approximately a 1 hour drive so the club does not book a block of rooms for the weekend.
*You can contact Tanner King with event connect by email at tanner.king@eventconnect.io or call him at 888-723-2064 ext. 238 for possible tournament discount.
Families may also book on their own. Look for options in Pleasant Prairie, WI, Kenosha, WI or some have stayed in Zion at The Inn at Market Square in the past.

Saturday Wave Schedule: *Sunday start times determined by Saturday finish
13HP- 2 or 3pm start on Saturday.
14HP & 14 Adidas- 8am start on Saturday

Sunday’s Schedules: Determined by place finish on Saturday. There will be an a.m. wave and p.m. wave on Sunday as well with all teams guaranteed a minimum of 6 matches.

Playing Sites: LakeView Rec-Plex (12 Courts): 9900 Terwall Terrace, Pleasant Prairie, WI   See Map
U.W. Parkside Sports and Activity Center (7 Courts): 4130 Petrifying Springs Rd., Kenosha, WI  See Map

Parking at the Rec Plex: The front lot at the Rec Plex is a membership only lot that needs a membership pass or partnership parking pass. But there is a 250 stall parking lot across the street as well as baseball field parking lots just at the end of the main parking area. The new parking lot, street parking and the parking lot at the ball fields will all still be open and free to all volleyball guests.

Admission: $7 a day or $10 for the 2-day pass for anyone 12 or older that is not coaching or playing in the tournament.

Tournament Info:
-All matches best of 3, first two sets to 25, if needed deciding 3rd set to 15, switch sides at 8.
All sets Win by 2, No-Cap.
-Warm-ups: 2-4-4 for all matches. (* 2 minute shared time will start immediately following prior match) Warm-Ups may be shortened with both coaches consent. Teams should show court courtesy and shag balls for each other during warm-ups.
-Work teams will need to be on time and provide a down ref, 2-linejudges, a scorekeeper, a libero tracker, and a scoreboard operator. Coaches must stay in the area of their team for the entirety of their reffing assignment. Failure to fully comply with the above may result in USA volleyball sanctions in their following match.
-USA-Volleyball Rules will be followed with the following exception:
No tie-breaking sets will be played for tied teams at the conclusion of pool play.
2 teams tied – tie-breaker = head to head
3 or more teams tied – tie-breaker order = match record, sets record, pt. differential, coin-flip.
-All live results will be posted on AES. Type in WI Jr’s Presidents Day Tournament to find schedule/results.
-Public computers will be available to view results in the Fieldhouse at the Rec Plex and at Parkside.
-Medals will be awarded to the players on the top 3 teams in all Gold Divisions.

Facility Info:
-Coolers are not allowed in the Rec Plex or UW-Parkside.
-Bleacher seating is limited in both locations, so bringing a bag chair is encouraged.
-Warm-Up Balls will be provided for all courts at the Rec Plex – balls will be needed at UW Parkside
-All live results will be posted on AES. Search for WI Jr’s Presidents Day Tournament Schedule on AdvancedEventSystems.com. Available the week of the tourney
-Public computers will be available to view results in the Fieldhouse at the Rec Plex and at Parkside.
-Medals will be awarded to the players on the top 3 teams in all Gold Divisions.