Summer Camp Welcome Letter

Please take a minute to read through our new camp procedure and share this with your athlete.

General Rules:
-Spectators are not allowed in the facility at this time.
-Players can be dropped off directly in front of the building. Facility staff will take their temperature.
-Players/coaches must wear a mask for check-in and in all public areas of the facility (hallways, washrooms)
-Players/coaches should bring a water bottle for breaks- water fountains are not turned on during this time.
-Players/coaches will stop at check-in desk each day to sign-in, hand sanitize and get temperature taken.
*Anyone with a temperature over 100 will be asked to leave. Please do not send players if they have a cough, fever or any type of illness.
-Players will leave their belongings on a chair located by the court & 6 ft apart. They will return to the chair for water breaks.
-Huddles, hand slaps… are not allowed.
-Players/coaches should maintain a 6 ft social distance on the court as much as possible.
-Players do not have to wear a mask on the court for drills but should be conscious of social distancing during drills or waiting their turn.
-Coaches will wear masks during practice unless they are able to distance themselves to cool down.
-Hand sanitizer, equipment disinfectant, first aid supplies are located in a basket by each court for use at anytime during practice.
-Balls are sanitized after each group.
-Players will collect their belongings from the chair at the end of practice, put masks on, line up 6 ft apart and stop at a hand sanitizing station in the hallway before exiting the building. *They may also wash hands in washrooms located near the front desk if they prefer.

Check-in is located by the courts- turn left after entering facility and follow the hallway around to the courts. If there is a line, please maintain 6 ft between each player.
Please be prepared with your Covid-19 Waiver, IPV Event Waiver and and payment if not completed in advance.
We began this procedure in June when our teams returned to the court and it seems to work well once everyone gets used to it.

See you at Camp!

IPV Coaches