IPV 2020-2021 Season FAQ

This season brings some challenges and a new way of approaching club volleyball.

-All ages & seasons will tryout on Tues, 9/1. Make-up Tryout date is scheduled for Thurs, 9/3.

-Parent/Player Meetings- 9/1 Tryout meeting on Wed, 9/2 7-8pm at the ARC; 9/3 Make-up Tryout meeting on Fri, 9/4 7-8pm at the ARC. Collect paperwork, uniform fitting for new players, season questions.

-USAV Age Definitions have changed from a Sept 1st cutoff to July 1st. This will  help players with summer birthdays that previously had to get Age Waivers to play with their grade in school. See new chart.

-Tryout Results will be posted by 9/2 or 9/4 for the Make-up Tryout as in the past. Season paperwork and uniform order forms will be posted at that time.

-Parent meetings/Uniform Fitting will be primarily for new players to help adhere to the 50 or less group size requirements. Times will be set for dropping off paperwork/payment for returning players or they may choose to attend the meeting. Parent Meeting pdf will be available for all.

-Uniforms- New players will get full Adidas uniform package; returning players will get 2 practice tees and socks ($35). Replacement items can also be ordered if need be when turning in paperwork.

-Club Season starts early: 13/14’s begin their season on Thurs, 9/10; 15 & Up begin on Sun, 9/13; 12U begin on Mon, 9/14/.

-Dues have been adjusted to reflect new season options/length and broken into monthly payments. Pricing can be viewed on the Program page for your age division. Club dues cover practice, coaches/trainers, admin, tournaments. (Travel tournaments are extra).

-Season options: Full, Short & Spring Teams for 2020-21.
*Short season has replaced the Winter season in all age groups.
12U- Full Season- Sept-April; Short Season- Sept-Jan; Spring Season- Feb-April
13/14’s- Full Season- Sept-June; Short Season- Sept-Feb; Spring Season- March-May.
15/16’s- Full Season- Sept-Jan, (break for HS season), May-June; Short Season- Sept-Feb 7; Spring Season- Feb-May.
17/18’s- Full Season- Sept-Jan, (break for HS season), May-June; Short Season- Sept-Feb 7; Spring option if needed.
*If for some reason HS sports do not take place we can adjust and continue with our schedule during that time.

-The Jr High volleyball season has moved as well. Several schools have had Winter seasons as their norm and players have successfully continued with club during their school season. Our Short season is another option if you prefer not to do both. Players interested in returning to club in May/June can contact us and we will try to accommodate them.

-Until further notice: Face masks will be worn for practice; temperature checks will be taken at check-in, hand sanitizer will be available court side, social distancing will be expected whenever possible and equipment will be sanitized after each practice. Spectators are not allowed at practice. We will allow spectators at the IPV Invites with social distancing & masks.

-Competition: Under current guidelines we can only participate in In-House competition (IPV Invites). Power League and other tournaments have begun to schedule their dates to begin in Dec in hopes that the guidelines will change by then. We will register for tournaments for the teams but realize that we may have to adjust depending on how things go. This will be easier with monthly payments.

-Windy City Power League, Chicago Volleyball League and Top Flight tournaments are tentatively set to begin in December provided that guidelines allow it. Other tournaments will likely follow suit.

-Out of state competition is currently off the table but the hope is that things will change after the start of the year so some teams can attend the President’s Day tourney in Pleasant Prairie, WI (13/14’s), Dunes tourney in IN or other National Qualifier/End of Season Event.

-Practice Calendars for each age group are posted. Depending on the how long our current state guidelines extend we will add more IPV Invites to the schedule on the weekends at the ARC. Tournament schedules will be posted soon.

We are doing our best to work within the state guidelines while offering an outlet for our players to excel and enjoy volleyball in a safe environment.