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IPV 16 Blue June 15-17 Asics Championship (Navy Pier)


Players should arrive at Navy Pier- Festival Hall  by 2pm  for a 3pm start on ct 23/24, Pool 12

Coach will pass out team credentials so players can enter the court area.
Spectators can purchase tickets on site or use their advance purchase tickets.
Spectator seating is available by each court.
Parking is available at Navy Pier, show your parking receipt at the check-in desk in the lobby outside the court area to get a $5 discount coupon.
Alternate parking is also available near Navy Pier, discount coupon not available for this option.
*Families using alternate parking or running late can drop players off at drop off circle by East Lot.
*Festival Hall is at the East end of Navy Pier; opposite end from the restaurants; follow signs for tourney once enter building.


Friday Playing Schedule:
3pm- Play Pao 16 RDA on ct 23 
4pm- Play 16U Impact Ellie on ct 23
5pm- Play Attack VBC 16 Black National on ct 24
6pm- Play TVA 16-1 on ct 24
7pm- ref on ct 23/24

Saturday Playing Schedule Determined by Friday Finish, see options below:

1 - 1st-16G-R1-P12 Court 16 at 6/16 3:30 PM (16G-R2-D1P3M2) Court 16 at 6/16 2:30 PM
2 - 2nd-16G-R1-P12 Court 14 at 6/16 2:30 PM (16G-R2-D1P1M1) Court 14 at 6/16 4:30 PM
3 - 3rd-16G-R1-P12 Court 24 at 6/16 3:30 PM (16G-R2-D2P4M2) Court 24 at 6/16 2:30 PM
4 - 4th-16G-R1-P12 Court 6 at 6/16 2:30 PM (16G-R2-D2P3M1) Court 6 at 6/16 4:30 PM
5 - 5th-16G-R1-P12 Court 5 at 6/16 3:30 PM (16G-R2-D2P2M2) Court 5 at 6/16 7:30 PM

Sunday Playing Schedule: Determined by Saturday finish; single elimination; play until lose then ref unless in finals.



Navy Pier (Festival Hall)- 600 E Grand Ave, Chicago 60611