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IPV Line Judge Responsibilities:

Stand at corners closest to the right hand of the refs at the net.
-Pay close attention to the game and signal with confidence, the up ref may have a better view of the play and overrule your call but up ref should look to you for calls before signaling.
-When a timeout is called, line judges should stand on the back middle end line. Line judge of side with next serve will hold ball and give to server when team returns to court.
-During serve on your side, step away from the corner to give server space if they choose to serve from your side of the end line.

Use hand signals or flag (up ref will provide) to signal the following:
-signal ball “in” or “out” anytime it lands near a line. You are responsible for watching the entire sideline of the court in front of you and end line to your right. Balls touching the line are considered “in”.
-signal “out” for balls crossing the net outside (to the left) of the antenna or touching the antenna on your sideline of the court.
-signal “touch” if player on your side of court that touches the ball before it goes out of bounds.
-signal “foot fault” during service- servers foot may not touch the end line at all before they contact the ball.

Hand/Flag Signals:

IPV Down Ref Responsibilities:

Give coaches line-up sheets
-Pre-match- check line-up, make sure correct players are on court
-Signal up ref that teams are ready to begin

During match:
-Watch center line. Blow whistle, signal if entire foot/hand etc. crosses over the center line.
-Watch for players in the net. Blow whistle, siganl if player touches the net during a play. Contact by hair or jersey is allowed.
-Watch for balls crossing the net outside of the antenna or touching antenna. Blow Whistle, signal up ref.
-Blow whistle, signal for substitutions. All substitutions take place at the 10 ft. line. Make sure that scorekeeper can see the jersey #’s and records the sub, signal players to switch.
-During timeouts, down ref gives ball to line judge of team with next serve and waits at the net.
-At the end of game- return line-up sheet to coaches or score table if end of match.

Down Ref Hand Signals:

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