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Players that do not meet the reccommended Age Requirements (see Age Definition Chart)

for an age division may request an Age Waiver for the 2016-2017 season by completing the

Great Lakes Region Age Waiver Request Form and turning it in with their IPV Tryout Waiver on the day of Tryouts.

Players requesting an age waiver shoud attend the tryout for the age that they would like to be waivered to.

EG: A 14 year old requesting a waiver to play in the 13U division with her school mates should

attend the 13U tryout date.

Age Waiver requests must be turned to the region office by IPV personnel for their approval.

If the age waiver is granted the parent/guardian would have to agree to the following provisions:

1. The age wavered player would only be allowed to participate in Great Lakes Region Events
or other Region's events accepting age wavered players
2. The player would not be allowed to play out of Region unless the club director
receives prior written approval from that region.

3. The player being age wavered would not be allowed to participate in USAV
Bid Tournaments, USAV Qualifiers and USAV National Tournaments.

How would the above provisions effect an IPV player?
-12U and Winter/Spring team players would be able to compete in all scheduled tournaments.
-13U-18U players would not be able to attend the Windy City National Qualifier with their team.
-13U-18U players would not be able to attend the AAU National Championship in June with their team if scheduled.
-Volleyball Festival in Phoenix does accept player age waivers if your team is scheduled to attend.
-Waivered players are eligible to play at National events with their age group as defined by the Age Definition chart above.

 Eg: a 14U waivered to play in the 13U division could play on a 14U team at the National event.
-*Asics Jr National Championship at Navy Pier in June accepts GLR waivered players 

-Contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with questions.

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