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Asics Volleyball Championships Chicago’s Navy Pier!
Festival Hall, 600 East Grand Ave, Chicago 60611www.navypier.com
Check back for further updates...


·        June 15-17 (Fri-Sun)- 14HP/14G/15HP/16HP/16W/16Blu/17HP/18HP; June 18-19 (Mon-Tues)- 13B

·         Fri/Sat Start times: 14HP/14G/15HP- am start; 16HP/16W/16Blu/17HP/18HP- 2:30pm; Sun Start times determined by Bracket.

Mon Start Time: 13B- am start.

·         All players will need to turn in a copy of the JVA Waiver Form to Patti by Thursday, June 7th for team check-in.
See chart below; X indicates that it has been turned in.

13 Black JVA 14HP JVA 14 Gold JVA 15HP JVA 16HP JVA
Glenna X Kelly X Kat X Deniz x Kaitlyn X
Layla X Lucy X Hana X Debbie X Abby X
Shelby X Claire X

Anna X Ana X

Fiona X Audrey X Maddie X Alayna X
Hayley X Allie X Lia X Abby M X Keyana X
Julianne X Olivia X
Campbell X Ally X
Lauren M
Grace X Cece X Eleni X
Claire X Annie X Maeve X Abby P x Sophie X
Gabriella X Lexie X Lola X Emily X Sam X
Lauren R
X Katelin X
Kathleen X Keaira x
Cassi X Hannah X Maggie X Nickie X
Reilly X Amariss X Natalie



Sadie X
16 White JVA 16 Blue JVA 17HP JVA 18HP JVA

Anna X Sarah X
Deanna X Brianna X Katie X Cynthia X
Julia X Madisyn X Sam X Nicole X
Madison X Emily Emma X Riley X
Carly X Emma B
Jennifer X Sophia X
Allison X Allison
X Imara X Asha X
Leah X Julia X Kara X Caroline X
Annie X Meghan X Cece X Julia X
Shannon X Gianna X Mikayla X Emily x
Amber X Jocelyn X Katie X
Renee X Sophia x Payton X
Keisha X Mary Kate X


·         Daily Admission Discount Available through Advance Ticket Order. All orders due to Patti by Tuesday May 29th.
13 Black 2-Day Adult Pass: $16.00; Student (13-18): $10.00
14HP/15HP/16HP/16W/16Blu/17HP/18HP 3-Day Adult Pass: $24.00; Student Pass (13-18) $15.00
*Tickets (bracelets) are not available in advance for single day admission.
*Single Day admission is $10 per person when purchased at Navy Pier.
*3-Day Pass= one bracelet for each day so a different person can use it each day.
Payment by check to "IPV" due by 5/29. Passes distributed at practice in June.
DEADLINE for placing an order is Tues, May 29th.
*Verify your order here; orders posted within 24 hours of receipt; contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you think there is an error.

Team Name 2-Day Adult 2-Day Student 3-Day Adult 3-Day Student Paid
16Blu Allison 1 x
17HP Sam 1 x
16HP Ally 1 x
16Blu Gianna 2 x
15HP Abby 1 x
18HP Asha 2 1 x
18HP Julia 1 x
17HP Imara 1
16Blu Renee 3 X
16HP Sam 1 x
13B Glenna 2
17HP Cece 1 x
16W Shannon 2 1 x
17HP Kara 2 x
15HP Abby 2 x
15HP Kathleen 3 1 x
18HP Payton 2 x
16HP Kaitlyn 1 x
18HP Riley 1 x
15HP Anna 1 x
17HP Mikayla 1 x
15HP Debbie 1 x
13B Cassi 1
16HP Keyana 2 x
15HP Maddie 2
14G Maeve 1 x
16HP Eleni 1 1 x
17HP Katie Z
1 x
16W Julia 2
14G Cece 1 x
15Blu Brianna 2 x

·         Navy Pier offers group food vouchers to save money on meals and entertainment. They also offer group deals on their Ferris Wheel--great view of the city!
Check back for Forms.
If interested, fill-out and send to address on form.

·         There will be a daily $5.00 discount coupon available at the Navy Pier Lobby Check- In Desk in the lobby outside the court area by showing your parking ticket (while supply lasts). Advance Parking Passes are not available for this venue. *If the parking garages are full- please drop your daughter off prior to parking offsite. Navy Pier has alternerative parking options available. 

·         Navy Pier is an easy drive but if you choose to stay downtown, the tournament has partnered with Wyndham Jade Sports at: https://www.wynjade.com/asics18/  if you want to check out their options.

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