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IPV 12 Red Sunday, March 11 Great Lakes Volleyball League 

Team should arrive at Fusion by 7am for 8am start on ct 1, Bracket C.
*Team will meet by court.
*Players should bring their balls for warm-ups.
*Outside food is not allowed in the facility other than water/gatorade. Concessions available.
*Players are not allowed to leave the facility at any time during a tournament.


Sunday Playing Schedule:

8am- Play VC United 12-2 Premium
9am- Ref
See bracket below for next match *determined by 9am match result:

IPV 12 Red (GL)

Match 1

Loser of Match 1 φ Ct.1 Fusion Winner of Match 1  φ

Sun 8:00 AM

WT: Fusion 12 Bluejays (GL)

Match 5 Match 7

Winner of Match 5  φ Ct.1 Fusion VC United 122 Premier (GL) Ct.1 Fusion Winner of Match 7

Sun 10:00 AM
Sun 11:00 AM

WT: Winner of Match 3 Fusion 12 Bluejays (GL) λ WT: Loser of Match 5

Match 3

Ct.1 Fusion

Loser of Match 3 φ Sun 9:00 AM Winner of Match 3  φ

WT: IPV 12 Red (GL)

Match 9

Match 11
Winner of Match 9 Ct.1 Fusion
GLCYA L2 Gold (GL) λ
Ct.1 Fusion Winner of Match 11

Sun 12:00 PM

Sun 1:00 PM

WT: Loser of Match 7
Chicago Elite 12-3 (GL) λ
WT: Loser of Match 9

Match 4

Loser of Match 4 φ Ct.2 Fusion Winner of Match 4  φ

Sun 9:00 AM

WT: Fusion 12 Teal (GL)

Match 6 Match 8

Ct.2 Fusion Top Flight 12 Sigma (GL) λ Ct.2 Fusion

Winner of Match 6  φ Sun 10:00 AM
Sun 11:00 AM Winner of Match 8

WT: Winner of Match 4 GLCYA L2 Red (GL) WT: Loser of Match 6

Match 2

Ct.2 Fusion

Loser of Match 2 φ Sun 8:00 AM Winner of Match 2  φ

WT: Top Flight 12 Sigma (GL)

Fusion 12 Teal (GL) ‡

Loser of Match 5 φ

Loser of Match 7

Match 10

Match 12
Winner of Match 10 Ct.2 Fusion

Ct.2 Fusion Winner of Match 12

Sun 12:00 PM

Sun 1:00 PM

WT: Loser of Match 8

WT: Loser of Match 10

Loser of Match 6 φ

Loser of Match 8




Fusion Sports Center- 11104 South Grant Hwy (Route 20) ,Marengo, IL 60152
Take I-355 N (it becomes I-290 W.) 5.64 miles
Follow signs for ROCKFORD/I-90/CHICAGO/IL-62/ALGONQU IN RD. .56 mi
Take the exit on the left to NW TOLLWAY/I-90 W toward
ROCKFORD (Portions toll) 26.49 miles
Take the US-20 exit toward MARENGO/HAMPSHIRE. .16 miles
Keep LEFT at the fork in the ramp.
Turn LEFT onto South Grant Hwy (US-20) .96 miles
Watch your mileage, (white & blue) building is set back a bit
on the right side of road. Facility sign is small.
See interactive map to all of their tournament locations.

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